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Make It Better…

I’m the type of person who when I start a project I must get it right or it haunts me until I go back and fix it. In some of the different personality definitions this is referred to as being a Melancholy.

One thing I had to find out more about is why I am the way I am. So, I did find some information on personalities and the different types that have been identified.

Although my personality is only a portion of what is considered Melancholy, this personality type tends to be a deep thinker, has a preference to be alone, is quiet, and undemanding. They are organized, do not adapt well to new routines or new places. They are serious to the purpose, dedicated, organized, and focused.

This information is shared to you by Florence Littauer in her book Personality Plus.

There are many different books and courses available one can take to determine their own personality type, all good in their own way, and in the end what you’re learning is pretty much the same information that is being shared by that author. Find someone you’re comfortable with and able to enjoy learning from.

Most importantly get to know your personality type so you’re able to better understand yourself and work with others.

In any working system that we are part of we cannot account for anyone else, we can only account for ourselves. As long as we know the most about what makes us move then we are our own weakest link in that whole system.

Putting ourselves in motion to complete a task we are serious about completing helps us to find out how we can improve ourselves when the moment comes that our task fails. At some point we will want it to fail even if we have succeeded in achieving our initial goal. That way we can still find out where our design can be improved!

Always push ourselves forward to a point where something will break. Now we know what needs to be fixed and how our plan can continue forward.

My experience has shown that many are not willing to look at themselves first when something goes wrong. Who’s in charge, who’s design is this, who wanted this task to go forward, who’s not listening to what’s taking place?

These are only a few of what might be taking place while everything is happening. The point is, we wanted this to happen and we will take responsibility for whatever goes wrong too. So, when it does let’s not worry about any fault, let’s get out and find why it happened and make it better!

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

Oh, The Places We’ll Go!

Who out there enjoys reading? Have you ever picked up a book and the next you know you’ve finished it in what appears to have been no time? Like, you were absorbed into the book and were apart of everything taking place!

I just love to read. Ever since I was a young boy when I could find a good book or any kind of story, really, I’d be sitting to read what it was all about.

Filling my mind with whatever information what being told, the tale that was then transforming my mind to another location, another world, another era…

Oh, how some people can write and then fulfill the minds of others with ideas and pictures of things that one would never believe possible.

Some might think that this is only possible with fiction, science fiction, or romance novels. Believe it or not this is also possible with non-fiction and educational type books as well.

When we find something we enjoy, for example I love to help others who are in financial distress, so I’m always reading books others have written about how to get out of debt or why they should get in debt! Different thoughts and sometimes way different ideas that help me to stay focused too.

This also is one method to maintain my circle of excellence that was mentioned previously, allowing me to stay on top of my game as well.

Learning is an important tool we’ll find to be our most important asset throughout our life. The more we learn the better off we can take ourselves.

It is said that knowledge is power, but that is isn’t completely true. If nothing isn’t done with the knowledge we’ve learned, then it has no value.

To make the most out of anything we acquire we must put it to use! Take that knowledge and do something with it.

Use it! Create ideas, create income, make mistakes, learn from what has now been placed into your mind so that you’re now able to know that it’s there and the information is good and understood.

Here’s where things get good. Because once this information is in our mind and we know how it works, no one can ever, ever, ever take it away from us!

Now we’re talking wisdom. Something you get only when you add time and experience to knowledge.

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

Is The Customer Always Right?

There is the saying that the customer is always right!

Well, we know that isn’t always correct since we also know that we as an individual aren’t always right in what we do or the things we say.

Now, I know what that saying is referring to. Somebody must of once have had to provide direction to staff on how to deal with complaining customers and how to deal with them so that the staff wouldn’t argue with the customer.

The fact of the matter is that we will remember things only as we wish to because at that moment certain things do occur that will allow us to remember events in a way that we want to based upon several things. One being how we are feeling, are we happy, sad or angry for example? Another is what we are doing, are we focused on something such as a book or a video, working, daydreaming, eating, thinking of another issue we just recently dealt with, etc? Another concern is how is our health? Are we dealing with a cold?

Okay, so what does that have to do with the customer always being right, you might now be asking?

When dealing with a customer or a client it’s always important to make certain that they are as focused as we are when doing business with them, so everyone understands what is taking place.

Communication is always number one when dealing with other people! It’s important that we correctly understand what it is that they, the customer, wants? Make certain that all parties understand what is needed and what is to take place so that when the transaction is complete everyone is satisfied.

A satisfied customer will 80% of the time become a repeat customer and will often recommend you to others too.

This is really what selling is all about. It’s not finding a need and filling it, it’s finding a perceived need and helping them fulfill it!

If the customer doesn’t have the need there is no reason to fill anything or try to sell them something they don’t truly want.

This is where communications are so important. Asking questions, listening, talking less…

Now the customer is always right!

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

Oysters Are Not Pearls!

In my last article I shared nine steps that are critical to being successful in whatever one wishes to do. Over the course of my next nine articles I’d just like to touch a bit more on each of those areas.

For today let’s talk a bit more about loving what it is that you do, or possibly what some will say is your purpose.

If you recall in the article I wrote on May 17th, Flipping Your Switch!, that article was to show there is a difference between the two. Having a purpose isn’t always doing what you love to do, or what you’re passionate about.

For example, I know of a fellow whose purpose is to go out and sell the products he offers for the company he represents, day in and day out. If he doesn’t he won’t make the money he needs to support his family. This is how he sees it. What he loves to do, and is passionate about, is being at home with his family as much as possible and being a father to his children as they grow up.

This is where his true passion is and why he goes out selling every day. And because his true passion is to be a father raising his children at home he might consider other possibilities that will allow him to use his “circle of competency” to its greatest potential considering other options. Such as working from home or even starting his own business from home.

The world may not be his oyster just yet, but by at least recognizing the fact that the oysters exist and to see what opportunity is possible he must first recognize it before he is able to open any shells!

Recognize what it is that you love to do in life and why you are passionate about doing it.

Consider what options you have that surround your passion, investigate as many as your able to without getting too detailed in the investigation. Sometimes we forget why we’re doing what we’re doing and just get stuck in where we’re at because we’re afraid to move forward.

Make a decision that you’re comfortable with and get started with what you want to do. Recognize that not all the work will involve what you’re passionate about but putting it all together it gets you there!

Congratulations! You’ve just made a huge step toward the life you’ve always wanted.

Believe in yourself,

Warren E. La Duke

Always A Critic…

I was reading today of training being offered online to assist people in the building of their business.

Unfortunately, some of the comments that were written had nothing to do with the training but of why this training was now being offered. They couldn’t believe that someone else was now offering a self-help course online to assist people to build their business online.

Not to get into the details of what the training was all about it did identify some interesting specifics that might be useful to all who are looking to learn and grow.

I do realize that most likely that at the end of the training the instructor will try to sell something to everyone, but as a business owner, who wouldn’t?

To be successful in the world of business world today there are several things that we must all be aware of:

  • Love what it is that you do
  • Keep it simple, and take it one step at a time
  • Always remember who you serve, stop worrying about what you see
  • Accept change and allow yourself to move with the flow appropriately
  • Focus on only what is considered your “circle of competency”
  • Recruit others to work in areas outside your “circle of competency”
  • Never stop learning
  • Push yourself to fail so that you learn from your mistakes
  • Learn from others who have what you’re looking to achieve

Keep these concepts at hand always and you will become successful in whatever endeavor you take on!

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

Flipping My Switch!

Making the decision to start our own business can be tough enough, but often over time we may begin to doubt our decision. Even as many of our friends and family had already suggested that we don’t take that step.

We did it anyway, after all, what did they know. They’re all employed by someone else and not a one of them is a business owner or an entrepreneur themselves!

Now, however, doubt and struggles are creeping in as things aren’t going as we had hoped. The fun just isn’t as we had expected. And where’s the money? Being an entrepreneur/business owner shouldn’t there be all sorts of money just waiting for us to be claimed…

Realization has come knocking and we’ve come to find that it isn’t all party, fun and glory with the money just rolling in. There’s actually work to be done! And now that we’ve come to find that out, how much do we like doing what we’re doing?

Is the passion gone? Do we feel that our dream has turned into a nightmare?

Hardly. What really got us into the business in the first place is still within us, it’s only buried now in the day to day reality of what is needed to run a business.

Remember what truly made you excited when you first started your business? Now, think about how things go today, and you’ll see that it still happens on the right moments. It’s just not all the time as you might have initially thought things were going to be.

Darren Hardy in his book, The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, shares four switches we have that can turn our passion switch on:

  1. Being passionate about what you do
  2. Being passionate about why you do it
  3. Being passionate about how you do it
  4. Being passionate about who you do it for

If you want to know more you should get the book, in it Darren Hardy shares some excellent insight for anyone wanting to be an entrepreneur.

Be prepared for having to do more than what you expect once you get started, stick to it, and know what turns your passion switch!

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke