What’s Your Plan For Today?

Consider what we always seem to have the least of every day.


If you’re like me I’m always finding myself short of that in just about everything I seem to get into. Mainly because either I find myself procrastinating on what’s most important or I allow myself to become distracted and lose focus of why I’m doing what I initially started out to do.

Or a combination of both!

To be in control of what it is we want in our lives we must know what it is we want and to have a plan to achieve it.

Always keep in mind, be flexible on the path traveled while accomplishing a goal. Be firm on what the result should be. Once there look back to determine how that trip could have been made better before turning to make the next step forward!

Setting up weekly goals are necessary to achieving a long-term plan.

Once the goals are put in place it may seem as if we’re looking to pick up all the garbage along the path while attempting to maintain a jogging pace.

The importance here is to realize we have something to accomplish and that we need to keep our eyes focused on what’s ahead of us so that we don’t trip and fall.

When we complete the task at hand, we’ll recognize that there were some things that possibly could have been better. These are opportunities we must learn from and apply when the situation happens again.

Remember, we’re looking for the quickest way to get out of debt and become financially secure. This includes things that we’ve already discussed:

Every week there is a need to prepare for what’s given in our lives, eating and working. Then we need to consider what else there is in our lives, children, school, bills to pay, appointment co-pays, maintenance expenses.

Start with a plan to take care of those things that are givens and what it’ll require to take care of them. Be reasonable with everything. If it’s not needed, then put it aside for now and revisit it later to see if it’s possible or even still wanted.

These are new habits that will change your life so it’s important to work through any old habits and get this done to reach your destination!

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

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