Shopping Is An Art!

To get the most out of it when we go shopping, I believe we need to look upon when we go shopping as if it were an art!

Consider Michelangelo and when he created the statute David from the stock of marble he had. Starting from just a single piece of marble, planning ahead and knowing what he wanted to create. Michelangelo chiseled away at the marble, piece by piece, taking time to review where he was at on his journey, until he had completed his masterpiece, the statute David!

Now we’re having to go out into the world with all that’s before us. The many different options that are presented to us at any one moment, suggestions of what to purchase, the many things that we are intending to buy but are now available for a better price elsewhere. So many pieces of marble to choose from where we may begin to create our personal masterpiece.

Just like Michelangelo, we need to first be prepared before we head out to and do any shopping. A masterpiece requires knowing what it is that we want to create. Shopping too, requires that we know what it is that we’re looking to purchase!

For example, going grocery shopping one should have a list of items needed. These items shouldn’t be just what’s missing from the shelves or the refrigerator.

Plan a menu for what meals will be made over the next week so that this helps to prepare for not only what’s needed, but it helps keep one focused on necessary tasks. Something that can be discussed another time.

Having a menu will identify what’s needed when out shopping. Just like having a list of items that are required when we’re fixing things around home, or on a vehicle, or preparing for a demonstration at work.

Knowing what we have and what we don’t have is important steps whenever we look to add on to personal inventory. Making certain that the items we’re about to acquire are needed for a project we’re about to take on is of utmost importance.

Just because something is available at a great deal and we can put it in our stock serves no purpose and is a waste of money. When we’re ready to use specific items, we can acquire then at that time, and most likely we can find a great deal for it too.

Know what you want to purchase through a plan or a menu. Identify what’s presently missing around home to complete the plan. Locate the best places to purchase those items before heading out.

Something to keep in mind when out shopping, depending on what we’re looking to acquire it may behoove us to consider the additional cost where we’re at versus the what it will cost us in the end going to other stores to purchase items for what may only be minimal savings.

What’s our masterpiece to look like when we get home and we’re all done?

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

2 thoughts on “Shopping Is An Art!

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