Filling In the Rabbit Hole!

There are times when we might admire others for what we see that they have. As we were discussing previously, we’re all different. Just because someone might seem to be doing well doesn’t mean that they are!

As our discussions have been trying to bring to light, most people have a tendency to purchase things they want without having the money on hand. This will put them in debt to whatever financial institution that loaned them the money to buy whatever item they wanted.

The more we do this for our own satisfaction the worse things can get, and the further we go down that rabbit hole until quite often we’re stuck and just can’t get back without help. The unfortunate thing about this type of help is that the focus is only on the financial situation and not on how we got there in the first place.

In these situations, there’s no real direction to keep us from going back down that hole once we’re above ground.

Now, we’re looking to contain our spending through removing unnecessary temptations, i.e. filling in that rabbit hole! Knowing where our weakest links lie, we’ll be better prepared to not only avoid those temptations, but also build up resistance admitting we have that weakness.

This will ultimately result in our ending up with extra money at the end of the month that we’ll want to apply elsewhere helping ourselves further along. Something I touched on briefly previously and will get into shortly.

I can’t make this point clear enough to all interested in making a difference in their lives and willing to put out the extra effort to change.

There’s a reason we’re in the situation we’re presently in. It’s no one’s fault but our own. How we got here is no longer important, but it is important to accept that the path was one specific to us and therefore to get out of this situation that path will be our own as well. Because we placed ourselves here, we can also pull ourselves up and out of where we’re at. We have the strength and the courage to admit we were wrong and are willing to be given direction and mentored as we move forward on our path to clean up our financial situation and bring ourselves to financial independence!

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

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