Accept That You’re Different!

We’ve taken some time to see where our money has been going. Possibly even beginning to wonder why we have some of the credit cards and loans that we have too, now that we’ve had a chance to look at our spending. This can be expected once we’ve had the opportunity to lay everything all out in front of ourselves and look at it from a totally different perspective.

As we have been discussing, if we were to consider why we were purchasing some of those items at that very time in the first place it made perfect sense right then. Now things most likely seem totally different.

We talked a little about how we’re feeling when we go shopping – the distractions around us, are we hungry, can we just say no to what looks like a good deal at the moment.

All these types of things impact our thought process as we’re out on a mission to buy.

Then we also discussed how in today’s society, and all around in our environment, we’re being bombarded with ways to put ourselves further and further in debt. And then made to feel that this is alright to do!

Let’s look at this for a moment.

For one thing, when we’re not in a position to be making our best decisions for ourselves or our family then we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be influences by anyone trying to get us to do more. This includes just going grocery shopping when we’re hungry!

Next, it’s important to remember that as a person we’re not the same as that person who’s standing next to us, be it in line to get a hamburger at whatever fast food joint we may go to, or wherever we may work. As individuals, everything about us is different.

So, when we’re given all types of statistic as to how people do better consolidating their credit cards into a loan, or how one medication works better for any specific illness, or even that getting a secondary education will put people in a better position financially, it’s important to remember that as statistics these numbers have only an average that is being referred to.

One thing to realize about considering average numbers is that any of the numbers on the extreme ends weren’t considered, and there are always numbers on the extreme ends. Then depending on where those cut offs were there are always numbers below the average as well as any above. Also, it’s important to remember that these numbers are referring to people and how they live. As people they’re more than numbers too!

If you want to compare yourself to the others that are part of the statistics, that’s fine. Just remember that we weren’t part of the study they did to come up with the numbers for the statistic, so we can’t truly say how we rate in comparison to all the others.

In addition, the statistic was done to provide an overall idea of whatever that number was about. It wasn’t provided to compare individuals against the whole.

Finally, as an individual, we are completely different than the whole so there is no comparison!

What I’m trying to do here is to make certain that as we look through our finances, we do this keeping in mind that what we see is our own individual information and as such it’s specific to ourselves. To resolve any issues or concerns we may have we must also approach them specific to our own circumstances and not be comparing to others who will be trying something different to fit their situation.

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

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