Time To Stand Up For What You Believe

Without getting off on too much of a tangent. I just would like to add on a bit to my last discussion.

Right now, we’re at a point where we’re looking. Something in our lives just isn’t what we want, and because of where I’m writing I’ll just assume it’s along the line of finances.

The ‘world’ is saying, “Don’t worry about it, getting in debt is the way it is and in the end it’ll all work itself out.”

If you’re anything like myself, I came to the realization that whenever I heard someone telling me that it sounded kind of fishy. What I came to realize is that anyone people offering up words of support similar to that had no clue what they were telling me or what they meant!

We’re out looking for assistance and help in our situation, whatever that might be, because we know something isn’t right. We’re not comfortable with the way things are, the status quo, and we’re looking to make a difference in our lives and possibly in others too.

That says we’re not a sheep that follows the herd. We stand out and make our own choices. We are leaders!

That may sound a bit awkward when I make that statement because either you’ve never heard it made before or maybe you’ve never felt that way about yourself. Think about it though, in one way or another, whatever it is that we do we are leaders that make us stand out!

As we move forward in life, we’re more comfortable in some things than in others making us feel better at making a difference. The time will come though to have to make a stand and do something we’re not comfortable with. Possibly something like, confronting a fellow employee that we feel is on a higher level than us, making a stand for something we believe in and a few others have comments against, or even making significant changes in our lives due to health or other bad habits.

We may feel as if we’re standing out like a sore thumb, when in reality there are others who feel the same as us but weren’t willing to do what we did and are now on our side supporting us. There are still those who may have voiced their opinions against us, but we’ve made a commitment to what we believe in and it’s time to stand up for what we said and what we believe!

This is where those who agree with us will come out of the woodwork to share their thoughts, and eventually, once they see that we’re committed will also be willing to join us in whatever endeavor we’re on.

As we move forward to change our lives financially, we will run into comments and receive negative flax from friends and family regarding what it is we’re doing. This most likely will even come from immediate family members depending on if you’re married and with children old enough.

Explaining to them the reasons why you’re making the changes you’ve made, and how in the end it will benefit all is the first best step one can always make; proper communication.

Once they understand the reason and how they will benefit from it, everyone tends to look at the situation through a whole different light.

An even better way to win over the team is to find a way to get them involved in your effort. In this case set a goal with the family, or yourself if it’s only you, that once your finances hit a certain level you’ll do some type of family celebration that is reasonably comfortable with the finances.

This can be done at intermittent levels also with a bigger goal at the end to show all that the team is working together, and success is being made. Keep the cost reasonable and prepare ahead for the expense so that it can be paid in cash.

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

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