Do You Know Where Your Money Is?

Today we’re raised in an environment that tells us it’s all right to put ourselves in debt and to rely on credit cards and loans from others. This type of life style is encouraged everywhere we go and in all manners possible. You see it through advertising on television, the radio, on the computer, in our schools, our governments, and of course the banks.

But this isn’t the way it’s always been! As a matter of fact, this life style has been only around for the past 30 years. Prior to that people would have the money in hand before they purchased things. In fact, even the banks would refuse to loan out money if a person couldn’t place a substantial down payment (20% minimum usually) on what they were interested in acquiring before the bank would provide the remaining amount.

A lot of things have changed since 1913, when the Federal Reserve was created, that has to lead to this lifestyle we’re used to living today. I won’t go into any of this, but it has resulted in many things that has changed the world. Anyone, who likes to research history is welcome to dig into this to find out more. The main change that occurred about 30 years ago is when the United States went off the gold standard for the US dollar and became a true fiat currency similar to the rest of the world.

One good article that shares more about this is by Orrin Woodward called, “Fractional Reserve Banking.” In this article Orrin Woodward mentions how this is tied to what he refers to as the Financial Matrix. Something that we all need to understand what we’re a part of and how to break free of it if we’re to consider being wealthy in our own way.

Having an idea of where we’re spending our money is important but knowing why we’re having to do the things we have to do is also just as important.

Sometimes with all that’s going on every day we may not feel like wanting to know why things work the way they do. Fortunately, life isn’t as difficult as some organizations try to make it. As long as we’re in control of our finances then truly no one else needs to be or can be.

Because we know what’s going on with our money, we’re able to challenge anyone to want to know why they’re coming for more of something they don’t have any right to!

Be the only one in control of your money. Be free of the Financial Matrix that has been created and determine the life you want to live!

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

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