That’s One I Don’t Even Use!

While at the store recently looking at food dehydrators, a gentleman commented to me that the I was looking at was one that he had but doesn’t even use. Consider how frequently we will purchase things on a whim, for whatever reason, and then not use them beyond an initial first time or at all, as this fellow at the store kindly wanted to share with me.

For whatever reason we’ll be off with the intention to purchase specific items and once in the store other items catch our eye, either because they’re on sale, we’re been thinking about getting them for a while anyway, a salesperson convinced us it was quite the deal, or some other good reason.

Then once we get it home off it goes to the shelf until we plan on using it and there it sits…collecting dust never getting used because we never really needed it in the first place.

Can we all admit that we’ve done something like this? I can on several occasions.

This is part of what keeping track of our spending is about. Tracking will allow us to identify unnecessary items that we purchase along with when we may have a greater tendency to purchase them!

These are just a few things to keep in mind as we head out to spend our money while also trying to keep that spending under control:

  • Be aware of how you personally are feeling before you head out to shop; i.e. statistics show that if you’re hungry when you go grocery shopping you will purchase more.
  • Knowing what item you may be looking for, search beyond what is right in front of you. Stores will often place higher ticket items on shelves at eye level to catch one’s attention quicker before they search elsewhere for better priced, but just as good items.
  • Some of us have a greater tendency to give in more easily when shopping. Be willing to shop together with a partner who is more likely to stick to an original plan of only what’s required, or if necessary, let the partner take care of the shopping altogether.
  • Quite often having younger children with us can be distracting, especially when there may be more than one. Removing the distractions when shopping is important allowing us to remain focused.
  • Know ahead of time by preparing a list, before you leave your home, what it is you intend to purchase and stick to that list!
  • Taking time to plan ahead and do necessary research online is a big help. This will allow one to identify better brands, what’s on sale, and possibly any sales coming up that would require us to consider putting things off a few days.
  • Occasionally we will purchase items where the price may not be set, and the seller will consider something we offer; such as when purchasing a vehicle. Under these circumstances determine beforehand an absolute maximum price, and never ever go over it no matter how bad you might want the item!

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

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