Are You Ready To Set Sail?

Have you ever wondered why it always seems that the other guy gets all the breaks?

Or, does it seem like as you put in your effort what one would expect for returns just doesn’t quite make it?

I’ve always thought that if I put in my fair share I certainly should get what I felt I deserved. However, in the end things don’t always work out the way we expect not knowing all that is involved.

For example, let’s say you fixed up a house that you purchased for some renovation, and then would intend to sell off at a higher price to account for the time and material you put in hopefully making a nice profit.

In this example we’ll say that you purchase the home for $150,000. After three years the updates were complete and the house was ready to be sold.

It turns out that the amount you put in to get the house ready for sale over the three-year period was $25,000. Unfortunately, the most that buyers were willing to offer to purchase the house was $165,000.

It turns out that there were more houses available than buyers at that time, therefore giving buyers a greater option to choose from and what to offer when they did wish to buy. At that time is had become a buyers’ market, something that is beyond our control.

A similar situation like this had happen to me recently. My situation was a financial loss in the end, but it did provide many exciting opportunities over those years getting the house ready in the end.

Yesterday I was attending a meeting and the speaker, Chris Brady, shared this statement, “Your ship doesn’t come in until you send one out!”

Although my “ship” didn’t come back overflowing with profit when I sold that house, it did come back chock full of experience, knowledge, memories, opportunities, and more that I would have never been able to obtain had I not sent that ship out when I bought that house and taken the chance initially!

I’ve since been able to move forward to my next opportunity that I would never have considered had I not sent my first “ship” out…

When one is looking to do something more in their life they need to take the first step and see what that life looks like. If we wait for the right thing to come to us we’re going to miss it only because we won’t recognize it not knowing what we’re looking for!

Get up and experience things you want to do. Determine what you what to be doing in life and go do it!

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

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