Is Someone Knocking At The Door?

Why is it that people always have an opinion to share especially when it has to do with something they know nothing about?

How many times have you been working on a project and a discussion resulted, possibly to explain what was happening, or to work through a problem that showed up, or maybe even just some confusion of what was taking place.

You’re working in your area of expertise, your circle of competence, and are quite confident at what you’re doing and sharing.

However, for one reason or another someone you’re with feels they need to know more and question what you’re doing. So, they rely on their mentor, Google!

Nothing against Google. They have a lot of great information available as a research source, but to learn and grow from your mistakes, knowing how to put behind yesterday’s futility and recognizing today greatness, realizing that someone trusts your judgement and the excitement you feel moving forward making the decision with gusto.

All this and more comes from having a personal mentor behind you. Someone who has decided to teach you how to become the best you that you can be by learning from what they have done.

They are willing to teach you what got them to where they are and where you are not!

As we move forward in our journey we need to know where it is we’re heading, what is our desired result. To get there we should consider achieving various steps of accomplishment that move us closer each time.

With each step this may require learning something new, and potentially a new mentor at each step. This will allow us to tap into the minds of many experts who are willing to teach others about their circle of competence.

You may be the student now, but one day someone may be knocking on your door to learn from you! Then you will be the teacher.

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

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