Make It Better…

I’m the type of person who when I start a project I must get it right or it haunts me until I go back and fix it. In some of the different personality definitions this is referred to as being a Melancholy.

One thing I had to find out more about is why I am the way I am. So, I did find some information on personalities and the different types that have been identified.

Although my personality is only a portion of what is considered Melancholy, this personality type tends to be a deep thinker, has a preference to be alone, is quiet, and undemanding. They are organized, do not adapt well to new routines or new places. They are serious to the purpose, dedicated, organized, and focused.

This information is shared to you by Florence Littauer in her book Personality Plus.

There are many different books and courses available one can take to determine their own personality type, all good in their own way, and in the end what you’re learning is pretty much the same information that is being shared by that author. Find someone you’re comfortable with and able to enjoy learning from.

Most importantly get to know your personality type so you’re able to better understand yourself and work with others.

In any working system that we are part of we cannot account for anyone else, we can only account for ourselves. As long as we know the most about what makes us move then we are our own weakest link in that whole system.

Putting ourselves in motion to complete a task we are serious about completing helps us to find out how we can improve ourselves when the moment comes that our task fails. At some point we will want it to fail even if we have succeeded in achieving our initial goal. That way we can still find out where our design can be improved!

Always push ourselves forward to a point where something will break. Now we know what needs to be fixed and how our plan can continue forward.

My experience has shown that many are not willing to look at themselves first when something goes wrong. Who’s in charge, who’s design is this, who wanted this task to go forward, who’s not listening to what’s taking place?

These are only a few of what might be taking place while everything is happening. The point is, we wanted this to happen and we will take responsibility for whatever goes wrong too. So, when it does let’s not worry about any fault, let’s get out and find why it happened and make it better!

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

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