Oh, The Places We’ll Go!

Who out there enjoys reading? Have you ever picked up a book and the next you know you’ve finished it in what appears to have been no time? Like, you were absorbed into the book and were apart of everything taking place!

I just love to read. Ever since I was a young boy when I could find a good book or any kind of story, really, I’d be sitting to read what it was all about.

Filling my mind with whatever information what being told, the tale that was then transforming my mind to another location, another world, another era…

Oh, how some people can write and then fulfill the minds of others with ideas and pictures of things that one would never believe possible.

Some might think that this is only possible with fiction, science fiction, or romance novels. Believe it or not this is also possible with non-fiction and educational type books as well.

When we find something we enjoy, for example I love to help others who are in financial distress, so I’m always reading books others have written about how to get out of debt or why they should get in debt! Different thoughts and sometimes way different ideas that help me to stay focused too.

This also is one method to maintain my circle of excellence that was mentioned previously, allowing me to stay on top of my game as well.

Learning is an important tool we’ll find to be our most important asset throughout our life. The more we learn the better off we can take ourselves.

It is said that knowledge is power, but that is isn’t completely true. If nothing isn’t done with the knowledge we’ve learned, then it has no value.

To make the most out of anything we acquire we must put it to use! Take that knowledge and do something with it.

Use it! Create ideas, create income, make mistakes, learn from what has now been placed into your mind so that you’re now able to know that it’s there and the information is good and understood.

Here’s where things get good. Because once this information is in our mind and we know how it works, no one can ever, ever, ever take it away from us!

Now we’re talking wisdom. Something you get only when you add time and experience to knowledge.

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

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