Look Through My Eyes!

I’ve always been the type of person who always wanted things done not only correct, but also done my way! My wife will definitely confirm to that.

But anytime when one takes on a project that involves multiple areas of expertise, something will suffer. What we see through our eyes isn’t always see the same through another’s. So, even though I may feel my way is the correct and right way the next person will disagree! I’m sure you do.

In my last article I discussed how we should focus on our own circle of competency, what it is that we are an expert ourselves at. Whenever we step outside that circle not only is there now a zone of doubt around all that we do just from our lack of knowledge and experience, but we also increase the time factor in all that is done.

Just so we may now be comfortable and think we are confident in what is happening.

This might even require that we must do additional research to find out more information on what needs to be done. Resulting in some trial and error episodes that lead to mistakes and backtracking in what has occurred ending up in additional costs.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? It sure does to me…

By remaining within our own circle of competency and then working with others experienced in the issues located outside our own, this will result in an expert in that area resolving those issues

  • Faster that anything we are capable of
  • The job will be completed with fewer problems
  • The final cost will be less
  • We’ll be much more satisfied with the end results
  • We’re able to remain focused on our own tasks at hand

And when the dust settles we now have another client that to work with on future projects as well as be referenced by them to other clients of theirs.

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

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