Who’s Rocking The Boat Now?

Was reading an article today that was talking about how as the next generation of Millennials begin to take charge of the work force we need to also prepare for how the working environment will change.

This wasn’t anything negative or against Millennials. Like so many articles I’ve seen written about the upcoming next generation that is about to flood the work force we should be prepared for the changes they will bring upon us all…

Definitely there will be some truth to that. As I was growing up there was all sorts of things being said about the changes that baby boomers would being, and how they will change the work force environment, etc., etc. Then it was all about Gen X’ers and what they will do to the work force and how they will change the world!

Some truth about every generation:

  • The two things that will always affect people and how they make their decisions are power and money. This has never changed and never will.
  • Overall people are lazy and will always look to find the easiest way to resolve a situation.
  • With each generation there are leaders and there are followers. There are always more followers than leaders.
  • And whoever is presently in charge is in charge. While the new leaders are finagling their way into the leader’s seat they also are watching and listening to those who are also presently leading.
  • People are afraid to make changes in their life not knowing how it may affect them

To become a leader you must have followers otherwise, as the saying goes, you’re just out for a walk!

A good leader, no matter what generation they’re from, will also learn from those who have already been through mine field, so to speak. Otherwise, they’re making the same mistakes, and are wasting time and money as well.

When you learn from the old, you also learn the how and why they are doing things their way. As we age we also learn that often, there’s a reason many things are the way they are.

Thus, the desire to change by so many, albeit a good one, is nothing new. It’s just being repeated as the next generation comes into their own and more are finding their way into the work force.

If we don’t like the life we’re living, no matter what generation we’re from, it’s time to make a change!

To break the cycle of repetition, find someone to work with who can offer help through the difficulties that you may be dealing with. Make certain that they are familiar with your needs versus just talking about them.

If they’re going to coach you, then the coach should be their working with you, willing to get their hands dirty too. Get references from past clients before giving up too much.

And when something goes wrong make certain you take the time to both sit down and determine what happened so it doesn’t happen again. Always learn from mistakes!

Remember, if the hole you find yourself in is a deep one it’ll also take time to fill it back in! Give yourself the time to properly adjust and make necessary corrections to see the right results.

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

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