Is The Customer Always Right?

There is the saying that the customer is always right!

Well, we know that isn’t always correct since we also know that we as an individual aren’t always right in what we do or the things we say.

Now, I know what that saying is referring to. Somebody must of once have had to provide direction to staff on how to deal with complaining customers and how to deal with them so that the staff wouldn’t argue with the customer.

The fact of the matter is that we will remember things only as we wish to because at that moment certain things do occur that will allow us to remember events in a way that we want to based upon several things. One being how we are feeling, are we happy, sad or angry for example? Another is what we are doing, are we focused on something such as a book or a video, working, daydreaming, eating, thinking of another issue we just recently dealt with, etc? Another concern is how is our health? Are we dealing with a cold?

Okay, so what does that have to do with the customer always being right, you might now be asking?

When dealing with a customer or a client it’s always important to make certain that they are as focused as we are when doing business with them, so everyone understands what is taking place.

Communication is always number one when dealing with other people! It’s important that we correctly understand what it is that they, the customer, wants? Make certain that all parties understand what is needed and what is to take place so that when the transaction is complete everyone is satisfied.

A satisfied customer will 80% of the time become a repeat customer and will often recommend you to others too.

This is really what selling is all about. It’s not finding a need and filling it, it’s finding a perceived need and helping them fulfill it!

If the customer doesn’t have the need there is no reason to fill anything or try to sell them something they don’t truly want.

This is where communications are so important. Asking questions, listening, talking less…

Now the customer is always right!

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

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