Old Habits

I really enjoy to garden. It can be a vegetable garden or flower garden, it just doesn’t matter. I truly love doing it. The joy of getting out and getting my hands dirty as I prepare the soil for planting, watching the plants grow, and produce fruit or seed or whatever beauty they will eventually offer is amazing.

But to me one of my most favorite things about gardening is being out in the garden and pulling weeds! Keeping the garden under control and I guess I’ll just say clean. What a joy I’ve found that time is for me to be as I’m outside by myself, usually, with the opportunity to enjoy not only that beauty provided by the garden, but also what surrounds me everywhere else.

It also provides me with one of my best times to think about just what’s going on in my life and dealing with issues that may have recently come up or ones that I know will be coming up.

For years as I have done my gardening I would always purchase the seeds and then take the time to get them started indoors or to plant them outside appropriately. Then fuss with the seedling to make sure it would get sufficient light and water and grow to a reasonable size before I transplanted it. In the end it was always a lot of work, and always worth it.

Last year my older brother, also and avid gardener, informed me that he stopped that and just purchases the number of seedlings he needs from a nearby greenhouse at a reasonable price.

Looking into buying the seedlings this year I decided to also just purchase what I needed instead of going through the issues of growing the seedlings and transplanting them myself.

What a difference! For the minimal price that I paid I can’t believe I’ve been putting myself through all this extra work over the years. Actually, I can’t believe that I was that blockheaded to not consider this sooner and had to wait for my brother to tell me about it first!

Too often when we’re doing things for our business or our jobs, there’s always an easier or a simpler way that makes the process better, more cost efficient, and is easier for all to understand. Many times, different options are right in front of us, but we may just be too blind to notice them.

Initially when we learned a process for doing something, that way of doing it has stuck with us and we may find it hard to consider other options. That doesn’t mean what we learned is the best or easiest way. Especially, when it comes for others to understand also!

Keep your mind open to new ideas and new methods that may improve whatever it is you’re doing.

Remember, it’s all about our customers and clients and how they see it not how we see it!

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

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