Oysters Are Not Pearls!

In my last article I shared nine steps that are critical to being successful in whatever one wishes to do. Over the course of my next nine articles I’d just like to touch a bit more on each of those areas.

For today let’s talk a bit more about loving what it is that you do, or possibly what some will say is your purpose.

If you recall in the article I wrote on May 17th, Flipping Your Switch!, that article was to show there is a difference between the two. Having a purpose isn’t always doing what you love to do, or what you’re passionate about.

For example, I know of a fellow whose purpose is to go out and sell the products he offers for the company he represents, day in and day out. If he doesn’t he won’t make the money he needs to support his family. This is how he sees it. What he loves to do, and is passionate about, is being at home with his family as much as possible and being a father to his children as they grow up.

This is where his true passion is and why he goes out selling every day. And because his true passion is to be a father raising his children at home he might consider other possibilities that will allow him to use his “circle of competency” to its greatest potential considering other options. Such as working from home or even starting his own business from home.

The world may not be his oyster just yet, but by at least recognizing the fact that the oysters exist and to see what opportunity is possible he must first recognize it before he is able to open any shells!

Recognize what it is that you love to do in life and why you are passionate about doing it.

Consider what options you have that surround your passion, investigate as many as your able to without getting too detailed in the investigation. Sometimes we forget why we’re doing what we’re doing and just get stuck in where we’re at because we’re afraid to move forward.

Make a decision that you’re comfortable with and get started with what you want to do. Recognize that not all the work will involve what you’re passionate about but putting it all together it gets you there!

Congratulations! You’ve just made a huge step toward the life you’ve always wanted.

Believe in yourself,

Warren E. La Duke

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