Always A Critic…

I was reading today of training being offered online to assist people in the building of their business.

Unfortunately, some of the comments that were written had nothing to do with the training but of why this training was now being offered. They couldn’t believe that someone else was now offering a self-help course online to assist people to build their business online.

Not to get into the details of what the training was all about it did identify some interesting specifics that might be useful to all who are looking to learn and grow.

I do realize that most likely that at the end of the training the instructor will try to sell something to everyone, but as a business owner, who wouldn’t?

To be successful in the world of business world today there are several things that we must all be aware of:

  • Love what it is that you do
  • Keep it simple, and take it one step at a time
  • Always remember who you serve, stop worrying about what you see
  • Accept change and allow yourself to move with the flow appropriately
  • Focus on only what is considered your “circle of competency”
  • Recruit others to work in areas outside your “circle of competency”
  • Never stop learning
  • Push yourself to fail so that you learn from your mistakes
  • Learn from others who have what you’re looking to achieve

Keep these concepts at hand always and you will become successful in whatever endeavor you take on!

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

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