Flipping My Switch!

Making the decision to start our own business can be tough enough, but often over time we may begin to doubt our decision. Even as many of our friends and family had already suggested that we don’t take that step.

We did it anyway, after all, what did they know. They’re all employed by someone else and not a one of them is a business owner or an entrepreneur themselves!

Now, however, doubt and struggles are creeping in as things aren’t going as we had hoped. The fun just isn’t as we had expected. And where’s the money? Being an entrepreneur/business owner shouldn’t there be all sorts of money just waiting for us to be claimed…

Realization has come knocking and we’ve come to find that it isn’t all party, fun and glory with the money just rolling in. There’s actually work to be done! And now that we’ve come to find that out, how much do we like doing what we’re doing?

Is the passion gone? Do we feel that our dream has turned into a nightmare?

Hardly. What really got us into the business in the first place is still within us, it’s only buried now in the day to day reality of what is needed to run a business.

Remember what truly made you excited when you first started your business? Now, think about how things go today, and you’ll see that it still happens on the right moments. It’s just not all the time as you might have initially thought things were going to be.

Darren Hardy in his book, The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, shares four switches we have that can turn our passion switch on:

  1. Being passionate about what you do
  2. Being passionate about why you do it
  3. Being passionate about how you do it
  4. Being passionate about who you do it for

If you want to know more you should get the book, in it Darren Hardy shares some excellent insight for anyone wanting to be an entrepreneur.

Be prepared for having to do more than what you expect once you get started, stick to it, and know what turns your passion switch!

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

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