Rock and a Hard Place

Was reading an article recently about how things in society are just so out of balance. As I looked back through that article I began to think that the author made some good points, but for some reason I felt something was missing still.

Consider how much our world today is set up for the now, getting things faster is better, and we’ll deal with the problems as they arise along the way.

That’s the immediate gratification way of thinking that the world has fallen into.

And, depending on the circumstances there will be times when acting now is better than later. To sit and wait to see if prices for material will fall when the need to replace or fix is now isn’t the best way to approach proper maintenance of anything.

One can also overdo what is on the other end of the spectrum, delayed gratification. If you know that your house will need a new roof in two years, then it’s best to begin planning and saving now so that in two years it can be preplaced. Rather than putting it off longer and having to act when leaks occur, and you’re not prepared financially or able to locate a contractor to do the work.

Because everything we do deals with people, be it ourselves or someone else, somethings that we should always keep in mind include:

  • Consider is what we’re about to do necessary, and why?
  • Does someone benefit from this, and is what about to take place more important for me and or them?
  • Have I considered all the options that are available to me, or have I looked at too many?
  • Should I consider an opinion of someone who’s been there, someone who has the cookies and is considered an expert?
  • What if I were to take a moment and step away, let my mind clear, sleep on it one night; how would I feel after the dust settles?

As Rolf Dobelli refers to in his book, “The Art of Thinking Clearly,” all this should be referred to as alternative blindness, where we forget to compare our options to other alternatives that exist.

Knowing that other alternatives are available allows us to forget about any rock or hard place!

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

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