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Who’s Rocking The Boat Now?

Was reading an article today that was talking about how as the next generation of Millennials begin to take charge of the work force we need to also prepare for how the working environment will change.

This wasn’t anything negative or against Millennials. Like so many articles I’ve seen written about the upcoming next generation that is about to flood the work force we should be prepared for the changes they will bring upon us all…

Definitely there will be some truth to that. As I was growing up there was all sorts of things being said about the changes that baby boomers would being, and how they will change the work force environment, etc., etc. Then it was all about Gen X’ers and what they will do to the work force and how they will change the world!

Some truth about every generation:

  • The two things that will always affect people and how they make their decisions are power and money. This has never changed and never will.
  • Overall people are lazy and will always look to find the easiest way to resolve a situation.
  • With each generation there are leaders and there are followers. There are always more followers than leaders.
  • And whoever is presently in charge is in charge. While the new leaders are finagling their way into the leader’s seat they also are watching and listening to those who are also presently leading.
  • People are afraid to make changes in their life not knowing how it may affect them

To become a leader you must have followers otherwise, as the saying goes, you’re just out for a walk!

A good leader, no matter what generation they’re from, will also learn from those who have already been through mine field, so to speak. Otherwise, they’re making the same mistakes, and are wasting time and money as well.

When you learn from the old, you also learn the how and why they are doing things their way. As we age we also learn that often, there’s a reason many things are the way they are.

Thus, the desire to change by so many, albeit a good one, is nothing new. It’s just being repeated as the next generation comes into their own and more are finding their way into the work force.

If we don’t like the life we’re living, no matter what generation we’re from, it’s time to make a change!

To break the cycle of repetition, find someone to work with who can offer help through the difficulties that you may be dealing with. Make certain that they are familiar with your needs versus just talking about them.

If they’re going to coach you, then the coach should be their working with you, willing to get their hands dirty too. Get references from past clients before giving up too much.

And when something goes wrong make certain you take the time to both sit down and determine what happened so it doesn’t happen again. Always learn from mistakes!

Remember, if the hole you find yourself in is a deep one it’ll also take time to fill it back in! Give yourself the time to properly adjust and make necessary corrections to see the right results.

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

Is The Customer Always Right?

There is the saying that the customer is always right!

Well, we know that isn’t always correct since we also know that we as an individual aren’t always right in what we do or the things we say.

Now, I know what that saying is referring to. Somebody must of once have had to provide direction to staff on how to deal with complaining customers and how to deal with them so that the staff wouldn’t argue with the customer.

The fact of the matter is that we will remember things only as we wish to because at that moment certain things do occur that will allow us to remember events in a way that we want to based upon several things. One being how we are feeling, are we happy, sad or angry for example? Another is what we are doing, are we focused on something such as a book or a video, working, daydreaming, eating, thinking of another issue we just recently dealt with, etc? Another concern is how is our health? Are we dealing with a cold?

Okay, so what does that have to do with the customer always being right, you might now be asking?

When dealing with a customer or a client it’s always important to make certain that they are as focused as we are when doing business with them, so everyone understands what is taking place.

Communication is always number one when dealing with other people! It’s important that we correctly understand what it is that they, the customer, wants? Make certain that all parties understand what is needed and what is to take place so that when the transaction is complete everyone is satisfied.

A satisfied customer will 80% of the time become a repeat customer and will often recommend you to others too.

This is really what selling is all about. It’s not finding a need and filling it, it’s finding a perceived need and helping them fulfill it!

If the customer doesn’t have the need there is no reason to fill anything or try to sell them something they don’t truly want.

This is where communications are so important. Asking questions, listening, talking less…

Now the customer is always right!

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

Old Habits

I really enjoy to garden. It can be a vegetable garden or flower garden, it just doesn’t matter. I truly love doing it. The joy of getting out and getting my hands dirty as I prepare the soil for planting, watching the plants grow, and produce fruit or seed or whatever beauty they will eventually offer is amazing.

But to me one of my most favorite things about gardening is being out in the garden and pulling weeds! Keeping the garden under control and I guess I’ll just say clean. What a joy I’ve found that time is for me to be as I’m outside by myself, usually, with the opportunity to enjoy not only that beauty provided by the garden, but also what surrounds me everywhere else.

It also provides me with one of my best times to think about just what’s going on in my life and dealing with issues that may have recently come up or ones that I know will be coming up.

For years as I have done my gardening I would always purchase the seeds and then take the time to get them started indoors or to plant them outside appropriately. Then fuss with the seedling to make sure it would get sufficient light and water and grow to a reasonable size before I transplanted it. In the end it was always a lot of work, and always worth it.

Last year my older brother, also and avid gardener, informed me that he stopped that and just purchases the number of seedlings he needs from a nearby greenhouse at a reasonable price.

Looking into buying the seedlings this year I decided to also just purchase what I needed instead of going through the issues of growing the seedlings and transplanting them myself.

What a difference! For the minimal price that I paid I can’t believe I’ve been putting myself through all this extra work over the years. Actually, I can’t believe that I was that blockheaded to not consider this sooner and had to wait for my brother to tell me about it first!

Too often when we’re doing things for our business or our jobs, there’s always an easier or a simpler way that makes the process better, more cost efficient, and is easier for all to understand. Many times, different options are right in front of us, but we may just be too blind to notice them.

Initially when we learned a process for doing something, that way of doing it has stuck with us and we may find it hard to consider other options. That doesn’t mean what we learned is the best or easiest way. Especially, when it comes for others to understand also!

Keep your mind open to new ideas and new methods that may improve whatever it is you’re doing.

Remember, it’s all about our customers and clients and how they see it not how we see it!

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

Oysters Are Not Pearls!

In my last article I shared nine steps that are critical to being successful in whatever one wishes to do. Over the course of my next nine articles I’d just like to touch a bit more on each of those areas.

For today let’s talk a bit more about loving what it is that you do, or possibly what some will say is your purpose.

If you recall in the article I wrote on May 17th, Flipping Your Switch!, that article was to show there is a difference between the two. Having a purpose isn’t always doing what you love to do, or what you’re passionate about.

For example, I know of a fellow whose purpose is to go out and sell the products he offers for the company he represents, day in and day out. If he doesn’t he won’t make the money he needs to support his family. This is how he sees it. What he loves to do, and is passionate about, is being at home with his family as much as possible and being a father to his children as they grow up.

This is where his true passion is and why he goes out selling every day. And because his true passion is to be a father raising his children at home he might consider other possibilities that will allow him to use his “circle of competency” to its greatest potential considering other options. Such as working from home or even starting his own business from home.

The world may not be his oyster just yet, but by at least recognizing the fact that the oysters exist and to see what opportunity is possible he must first recognize it before he is able to open any shells!

Recognize what it is that you love to do in life and why you are passionate about doing it.

Consider what options you have that surround your passion, investigate as many as your able to without getting too detailed in the investigation. Sometimes we forget why we’re doing what we’re doing and just get stuck in where we’re at because we’re afraid to move forward.

Make a decision that you’re comfortable with and get started with what you want to do. Recognize that not all the work will involve what you’re passionate about but putting it all together it gets you there!

Congratulations! You’ve just made a huge step toward the life you’ve always wanted.

Believe in yourself,

Warren E. La Duke

Always A Critic…

I was reading today of training being offered online to assist people in the building of their business.

Unfortunately, some of the comments that were written had nothing to do with the training but of why this training was now being offered. They couldn’t believe that someone else was now offering a self-help course online to assist people to build their business online.

Not to get into the details of what the training was all about it did identify some interesting specifics that might be useful to all who are looking to learn and grow.

I do realize that most likely that at the end of the training the instructor will try to sell something to everyone, but as a business owner, who wouldn’t?

To be successful in the world of business world today there are several things that we must all be aware of:

  • Love what it is that you do
  • Keep it simple, and take it one step at a time
  • Always remember who you serve, stop worrying about what you see
  • Accept change and allow yourself to move with the flow appropriately
  • Focus on only what is considered your “circle of competency”
  • Recruit others to work in areas outside your “circle of competency”
  • Never stop learning
  • Push yourself to fail so that you learn from your mistakes
  • Learn from others who have what you’re looking to achieve

Keep these concepts at hand always and you will become successful in whatever endeavor you take on!

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

Flipping My Switch!

Making the decision to start our own business can be tough enough, but often over time we may begin to doubt our decision. Even as many of our friends and family had already suggested that we don’t take that step.

We did it anyway, after all, what did they know. They’re all employed by someone else and not a one of them is a business owner or an entrepreneur themselves!

Now, however, doubt and struggles are creeping in as things aren’t going as we had hoped. The fun just isn’t as we had expected. And where’s the money? Being an entrepreneur/business owner shouldn’t there be all sorts of money just waiting for us to be claimed…

Realization has come knocking and we’ve come to find that it isn’t all party, fun and glory with the money just rolling in. There’s actually work to be done! And now that we’ve come to find that out, how much do we like doing what we’re doing?

Is the passion gone? Do we feel that our dream has turned into a nightmare?

Hardly. What really got us into the business in the first place is still within us, it’s only buried now in the day to day reality of what is needed to run a business.

Remember what truly made you excited when you first started your business? Now, think about how things go today, and you’ll see that it still happens on the right moments. It’s just not all the time as you might have initially thought things were going to be.

Darren Hardy in his book, The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, shares four switches we have that can turn our passion switch on:

  1. Being passionate about what you do
  2. Being passionate about why you do it
  3. Being passionate about how you do it
  4. Being passionate about who you do it for

If you want to know more you should get the book, in it Darren Hardy shares some excellent insight for anyone wanting to be an entrepreneur.

Be prepared for having to do more than what you expect once you get started, stick to it, and know what turns your passion switch!

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

If Waldo Can Find It, Why Can’t I?

Sometimes I wonder why success is so darn elusive. I mean, it seems that we read about so many other people who have claimed to have found their golden nugget, why is it so difficult for me to find?

Have you ever asked yourself that question, or some variation of it? Now a day just about everyone is looking for some way of easy living and no longer having to worry about where the money is going to come from.

Unfortunately, success isn’t something that is given to us unless you win the lottery or are born in the right situation. But even then, to retain what has been given you has to be earned and learned otherwise before you know it all will be gone, and you’ll be looking for ways to earn money again.

We seem to feel that the circumstances we’re under at any one time are what are restraining us from moving forward. If that’s where you find yourself, then I must say it’s time to get yourself our from under those circumstances and take control of your life and all that’s taking place!

It’s easy to find excuses for what’s happening in our lives, and there might be comfort when we’re able to point the finger somewhere. Realize, however, there’s a reason that there’s always three fingers pointing back at ourselves whenever we point the finger trying to place blame somewhere else.

We’re always the reason that something happens or doesn’t happen in our lives. And that’s a fact we must accept to move forward. Once that’s done we’ll be able to see things from a completely different perspective and be willing to consider what is happening from a totally new viewpoint.

Being positive and accepting responsibility opens the door to a new way of living that provides us opportunities we otherwise didn’t know existed.

This also allows us to plan our life differently than what we do now, how we spend our money, how we prepare for our future, where we spend our free time, and with whom we spend our time with.

The Pope asked Michelangelo, “Tell me the secret of your genius. How have you created the statute of David, the masterpieces of all masterpieces?” Michelangelo answered, “It’s simple, I removed everything that is not David.”

Are we willing to remove all that is not the David in our lives to create our masterpiece?

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

What Language Are You Speaking?

Congratulations on your decision to buy _____________ (fill in the blank).

Don’t worry about all the paperwork of the legal jargon just sign here and here and here and we’ll take are of everything else for you…

Too often when we decide to make a purchase the requires signing paperwork that includes agreeing to things that we don’t take the time to read through it just might lead to something harmful. In the end though we’re willing to do sign and move on because we don’t understand what has been written down.

In most situations if we were to take the time to read through the extra paperwork it might take a while, but in the end, we would find that it does make sense. Even though some of it truly is repetitive hogwash that is there to cover someone’s backside.

Most of the confusion comes when someone tries to explain it to us.

Either they have no idea of what they’re trying to tell us, or they are putting it in terms that they completely understand but no one else can because they feel everyone else speaks at the same level of comprehension as they do.

When speaking to others it’s necessary to speak at their level of understanding otherwise they won’t be listening very long. If you’re an attorney and you’re speaking to other attorneys it’s okay to talk in legal jargon, but if your audience is familiar with legal terminology then it’s best to scale the language back and use words they understand. This applies to written as well as verbal.

I do believe that it’s so important to make certain you understand you’re talking at the same level is so important I want to take this one step further.

How often have you had a conversation go sour because the other person just couldn’t agree with you over something that you felt was so simple?

Here’s the question I have, were you both talking about the same thing? When the discussion starts to get heated make sure that you’re first talking about the same thing before trying to resolve anything.

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

Rock and a Hard Place

Was reading an article recently about how things in society are just so out of balance. As I looked back through that article I began to think that the author made some good points, but for some reason I felt something was missing still.

Consider how much our world today is set up for the now, getting things faster is better, and we’ll deal with the problems as they arise along the way.

That’s the immediate gratification way of thinking that the world has fallen into.

And, depending on the circumstances there will be times when acting now is better than later. To sit and wait to see if prices for material will fall when the need to replace or fix is now isn’t the best way to approach proper maintenance of anything.

One can also overdo what is on the other end of the spectrum, delayed gratification. If you know that your house will need a new roof in two years, then it’s best to begin planning and saving now so that in two years it can be preplaced. Rather than putting it off longer and having to act when leaks occur, and you’re not prepared financially or able to locate a contractor to do the work.

Because everything we do deals with people, be it ourselves or someone else, somethings that we should always keep in mind include:

  • Consider is what we’re about to do necessary, and why?
  • Does someone benefit from this, and is what about to take place more important for me and or them?
  • Have I considered all the options that are available to me, or have I looked at too many?
  • Should I consider an opinion of someone who’s been there, someone who has the cookies and is considered an expert?
  • What if I were to take a moment and step away, let my mind clear, sleep on it one night; how would I feel after the dust settles?

As Rolf Dobelli refers to in his book, “The Art of Thinking Clearly,” all this should be referred to as alternative blindness, where we forget to compare our options to other alternatives that exist.

Knowing that other alternatives are available allows us to forget about any rock or hard place!

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke