Why Me?

How often do we find ourselves wondering, “Why does this always happen to me?” or do I just find myself thinking thoughts like that?

On a recent road trip, I found myself with two options to get to my destination. One would require that I drive through Chicago and would end up being quicker by about an hour. The second option would completely bypass Chicago and result in the extra time due to the additional mileage.

Without checking for construction or any other problems that might exist along either way I naturally chose the shorter alternative.

In the end, that choice resulted in an overall two-hour delay as a result of multiple traffic problems that occurred, specifically more delays the closer I got to Chicago.

The question then comes would this have happened if I had chosen the other alternative route? Obviously, I don’t know, but I sure was wondering that thought while sitting going nowhere.

Potentially, I might have made a different choice by checking the traffic situation, but in the end my choice is where I ended up. And sitting there with everyone one else with no other options I had to make the best of what became my choice.

My entire trip was really a fun time and full of exciting moments. What sticks most in my mind though about the trip is being stuck in traffic on the way home!

What happens to us daily is a result of the choices we make, and as a result it’s important to make the most of what we’re then given. Finding ourselves stuck in traffic, or any other situation that wasn’t planned, is what we will tend to focus on and remember leaving us with memories that are less than happy.

Let’s not worry about those short times where we find ourselves temporarily stuck, and instead focus on remembering all great times where we create happy memories!

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

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