Know When To Look Up

It’s been a busy weekend and only now am I getting around to putting myself back on track with the multitude of things I should be doing.

As we continue forward in what we look to accomplish it’s important to step back to see what’s going on, not only around us, but us in our lives as well.

Some of what has been taking place recently has caused me to realize that the path I was on may not be the one I should be taking to accomplish the goals I’ve set and the dream I have.

When this happens we just need to look up and see where our dream is now, the make the necessary adjustments to put us pack on track!

I came across this article today by Seth Godin that I’d like to share:


You don’t apply. You don’t get a salary. No one picks you.
Bragging about how much money you’ve raised or what your valuation is a form of job thinking.
Entrepreneurship is a chance to trade a solution to someone who has a problem that needs solving.
Solve more problems, solve bigger problems, solve problems more widely and you’re an entrepreneur.
It’s tempting to industrialize this work, to make it something with rules and bosses and processes. But that’s not the heart of it.
The work is to solve problems in a way that you’re proud of.

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

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