Time to Start Digging

Sorting through what’s available can be tedious and ultimately most likely will result in more questions than answers. In the end though, you’ll be able to narrow things down to a couple if not just one company that you’re willing to partner with.

From the beginning the excitement not only by yourself, but potentially others, may be overwhelming. Thus, more reason to hold off a bit until your mind is clear and you’ve been able to get the answers to all your questions rather than just acting on pure emotion.

This will also give you some time to see what success others in the business are having beyond those who are always on stage. If the ones who are always presenting are the same as well as the ones being recognized for their accomplishments that says something about who’s making it and who isn’t

Community is everything, so they say. How much of a team is there, and how engaged are they all? When there is a good-sized group, but not many are involved in the activities that says one thing. Another sign I like to look for is how happy everyone is as a group. If the group seems to enjoy being together overall that’s a plus, but if they’re in their own little groups with little interaction among the whole that says something else. When the community is happy they will be more likely to remain as a community, growing together and looking out for the overall benefit of the community.

Be aware, no matter where we’re at or what’s happening problems will arise. It’s just a fact and something that needs to be accepted. How these problems are dealt with is a sign of the type of organization we will be getting involved with as well as their leadership. Look to see if problems are recognized and acknowledged without necessary blame being placed. Some people who have the strength will take responsibility no matter what the outcome while others may just state that the problem exists. However, the biggest issue that one should be aware of is when a problem is sugar-coated, and we’re told it doesn’t even exist. Beware of those who are not willing to see what is in front of their face!

Too often our decisions may be influenced by someone who is in a position of higher authority. This may be unintentional or as a result of circumstances beyond our control. Either way, when we make the decision to partner with a business it’s important to remember that it’s our business and no one else will be making the decisions necessary to run it. Others may want us to do one thing or another, but they won’t do what’s required to make it profitable in the end. Make your decisions, it’s your business!

Some people will say that quitting is not an option. When starting up a business there will be some rough times in the beginning while we learn areas that may be new to us, building up our customer base, etc. Soon enough everything should be running smoothly, and we’ll be able to determine what we need to do to be making a profit. This can also give us the right idea of just how well our machine is running and determine if we’ve chosen the right machine. It’s important that we recognize how to adjust over time while continuing to improve and grow, or to just stop and change direction either with the same ship or a new one altogether.

Believe in yourself,

Warren La Duke

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