Narrowing In On The Bullseye!

We’re looking at different network marketing business opportunities and finding that not all will share the answers to our questions until we are members. Why is that?

Too often some company representatives main focus will be to just, “sign ‘em up.” And, truthfully, the more told at any one time to a new prospect the more confused they become. This results in that new prospect feeling overwhelmed, and no longer being interested in what we have to offer.

When first introducing someone to what we have to offer, there’s nothing wrong with taking the step by step approach. This will allow them to feel more comfortable and confident in what they are seeing and potentially are about to become a part of. Plus, this builds trust and shows confidence. It may take a bit more time, but in the end, we’ll have a better relationship with our new business partner.

So, why do some companies decide not to provide adequate information about their company as described in the previous article? My experience has shown that if a person interested can’t find out before signing, either the person sharing doesn’t know, or the company is not intending to offer this until after the prospects are signed. Either way this is a red flag and a sign of caution for going further.

Often one will get excited about their possibilities and have visions of what they will do as part of a new organization even before they have signed. What’s important to remember is that this is a business venture we’re about to step into with the intent of investing our money and making something in return. As with any business investment it’s imperative to know what we’re about to get into. Thus, it’s always necessary to know what we’re considering becoming a part of.

In addition to what was listed in the previous article, some other things that will need to be considered include:

  1. How much of an “expert” must one be on computer or the internet?
    • With some companies what is online only refers to how to order the products.
    • With other companies one must go the other extreme and purchase and create the website, create what will be needed for marketing, etc.
  2. It’s important to accept that we are now in sales, so how are our people skills?
    • Many companies are set up for us to contact people we know personally, and then work with people they know, etc., etc.
    • Others will have a method to send out ads allowing us to respond to those people.
  3. Consider the following, being that we’ll be working with people will we be able to accept these situations, and more, and be willing to move on?
    • How comfortable are we with rejection?
    • How comfortable can we deal with others making fun of us or saying things that are not true?
    • Can we handle people being rude to us or truly just being mean to us?
  4. As with any business can we accept that this will still require effort to make it work in the end?
    • Too often people will get involved in network marketing thinking that it’s simple and easy and when it doesn’t work out they leave with a bad taste and bad feelings.
    • Resolve from the beginning what is expected, learn how much will be needed to put in to get there, and put in the consistent effort to achieve that goal.
  5. How much, and what types of, training is made available through the company?
    • A continuing education, or learning, is something one should always be looking to be involved in, and as they begin their new business there will be plenty of new things to learn.
    • We all have skills that we are good at and others that we can improve upon. Finding ways to grow and become better is how we become useful to not only ourselves, but also those we are serving, our customers and our teammates.
    • Intellectual Capital – This is our most importance asset, we never want to stop investing in it!

Believe in Yourself,

Warren La Duke

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