What to Build

Asking you previously to write down your responses to the questions I proposed has now hopefully provided you with some time to see a little bit more about yourself, what’s important to you, and how hard you are willing to pursue your dream.

When we talk of a dream, mind you, that could be anything we’ve ever hoped for. Maybe to own a huge house off the ocean somewhere. Or to have your own fleet of special cars that you can enjoy driving whenever and wherever. Or maybe it’s just to be a stay at home parent and to raise your children yourself. Or to be completely out of debt once and for all owing to no one. Or possibly you want to have enough money so you can make a difference somewhere else in the world.

Whatever it is it’s your dream and you need to pursue it!

Having the knowledge why were doing this, the how becomes more important. The business we want to start can be just about anything today since there’s pretty much a market for just about anything! And as we turn around just about everyone is asking us to be a part of their business.

The way I look at it there are two business types one need to consider when starting up. The first is what can be referred to as the traditional business. With the traditional business we have a product to offer and a place to offer it. This can take place in many different combinations, but the main issues to view here are the finances that are required to get everything just up and running before anything is sold. This then becomes one’s only way to live until it begins to make a profit, statistically shown not until five years after it’s been around.

The other business type that I feel is open to all is some option of network marketing or online business. As with the previous option this will take some time, money, and effort to make work as well. Fortunately, because one has the choice to work this business part time an online business can be a secondary source of income, and investment, until they get the business running. It’s also shown that the invests costs are much, much less while the outcome is, potentially, significantly greater and faster.

When looking into online businesses, being there are so many options, some things I recommend considering before deciding include the following:

  • Make sure the product is something worth offering and you would use.
  • Is the compensation plan easily understood or is an interpreter always needed?
  • How simple is it to share this business to others?
    • The more complicated the presentation, and the more said, the less will want to join.
  • What will it cost to join and remain active monthly?
  • How easy is it to cancel my membership or to return unwanted products?
  • Who will be working with me directly and how actively will they be involved as I begin?
  • Always read through the Terms and Conditions the company has available to give yourself a comfortable idea of what you’re joining

Sometimes our desire is set on starting a traditional style business, and that’s fine. I always suggest considering what’s available online first. If you keep the online business relevant to where you wish to go with your traditional business that you wish to create in a couple years it will benefit you two-fold. First, by helping to establish a source of income that you will be able to continue while building that traditional business, and secondly by already having an established source of loyal customers that will buy either locally or continue online.


Believe in Yourself,

Warren La Duke

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