An End and A Beginning

Recently I have shared in other articles about the importance of having a dream, having a goal, focusing on a vision, moving forward; what one might consider as different ways to consider what might be needed to help remain focused to succeed at whatever one is looking to accomplish.

Now I guess I’ve realized that it might be as good to make certain that we’re all understanding the importance of choosing where to begin. Possibly, this will be of more importance to myself, but I wish to share it with everyone and would enjoy hearing about beginning.

When I say beginning I’m not talking about where I came from or wanting to tell you my story or anything such as that.

When a person makes the decision that they want to change their lives and begin their own business, or to work from home, the door they now open to what’s possible is truly greater than anything anyone of us can believe!

So, right now I’m going to ask that you take a moment and read these simple questions first. As you go through them take some time after each one and write down your answer. Search deep inside yourself and ask for some truth to those questions that need it.

Here they are:

  • What is it that I really enjoy doing?
  • If I were part of a business that worked in what I enjoy doing, who would I be serving? Who would be my customers?
  • Why would I want to be a part of this?
  • What are my biggest fears for becoming involved in a business such as this?
  • If I succeed who will benefit?
  • If I fail how will I benefit?
  • Would I be expecting myself to succeed quickly and with as few problems as possible or would it be better to make it last long and take my time?
  • Would I prefer to work with someone who is willing to offer insight and direction or do I want to figure everything out on my own?

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