Why Do We End Up Doing What We Do?

Let’s take a moment to step back right now to look at our lives. Just look at where we are, how did we get here, and why we’re here?

When you think about this, on a day to day basis, one might say that they’re exactly where they wanted to be! They have a job that pays what they need to take care of the life they’re living. But then I’d have to ask is that truly the life they want to be living?

How much time do we put in for our job? Do we have the ultimate say as to when we’re going to be at work and for how long? Who determines what we’re getting paid at the end of the week? What about the time we want to spend with family, be it just at home or at the events they’re involved in? Do we determine when we can participate in any or all of these? Are we fulfilling our dream or just our bosses dream?

When I was young I loved playing baseball and wanted to pursue a professional career. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control that dream just never turned out to reality. So, I ended up playing football and tried the same there. After playing a year in college and injures that came to be I realized that professional football wasn’t going to be for me either.

Now I was at a time where what do I do next? What do I finish studying at college? Although I did end up getting my degree at college I really had not been given any true direction of what was out in the world nor had anyone cared to talk with me about what was available based upon what I liked to do. As a result, I blindly pursued a degree that I hoped would get me a good job so that I could begin a career and also begin to make money!

Not a chance! As it turned out the area of “expertise” that I graduated in suddenly went into an economic downspin and not only stopped hiring, but they were also laying off tons of people. Nothing was available. Well, after five years of working for a small company and obtaining a second degree I ended up getting a job with the state Dept. of Transportation in a capacity that had very little to do with either of my degrees that I obtained while in college.

Needless to say, I had hoped for more. The consensus though was that working for the government I was set for the rest of my life. Not! There are no secure jobs anymore; even if government positions were once they definitely aren’t anymore. Although I stuck it out for 30 years all the while I was thinking that there’s got to be something better, that I can be doing more for myself, my family, and others who are looking as well.

Guess what? There is!

With all that’s going on in this world, and all that’s available, if anyone has a desire for something better it’s possible. The main thing is to look beyond what we feel is holding us back, because you know what, all those things are just excuses! I don’t recommend beginning something blindly. There is so much for us to learn so that we can take our dreams and make it become reality!

To first make a change one must first believe in what they’re about to change. They must absolutely believe in themselves to the utmost of what they are about to do! So many great books exist for us to learn from, but what’s just as important is taking that information and not only applying it but also discussing it with others doing the same along with a coach or a mentor. This helps us to share our thoughts and then to hear from others how they see the same picture. Ultimately, allowing us to know when we need to take an extra step back and take another look at the whole picture again. This is the concept of learning from those who already have what we’re working to achieve.

We all hear and see things differently based upon what we know at that moment. Too often our decisions are limited only by what we’re willing to open our mind up to or possibly what we let others dictate to us. If you have a desire to achieve greater things then consider what it is that you would like to do. Ask yourself, what do you find fun?

From here let’s see how we can establish a solid foundation financially for you so that within a year or two you’re able to start your own business without even having to borrow money to open those doors. This solid foundation not only describes eliminating what you owe to others, it also includes ways of making extra money, knowing more about how the financial system works and using that to your benefit.

As author Jeff Olson describes in his book, The Slight Edge, all we need to do is take this one step at a time. Let’s learn proper positive increments so that we can get to be where we want to be in one or two years.

If you have any idea of what you’d like to be doing only just not sure how to get started, then read on. We’ll talk further about establishing that solid financial foundation.

With one step you’re moving somewhere and making progress, with no steps you’re moving nowhere and making no progress! Take that step.

Believe in yourself!

Warren La Duke



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